Hello guys, as modifications are increasing day by day at a very rapid pace, so is the Custom ROMS are made available more and more. As you know MediaTek devices are now becoming huge sellers at the cheapest rates. And you know what these China Phones are not less than any other original Company phones when compared to features but are always five to ten times cheaper then these original phones prices.

Custom ROMS for beginners will haunt them from flashing it to their phones as it involves a risk whether they will be successful or not! But their worries are also justified Henceforth you will not need to fear but just enjoy the best Custom ROMS available for your MTK Powered device. This is possible only if you follow our unique guide step-by-step.

Things which must be essentially available with you:

  • Your phone must be rooted. If it is not rooted then use framaroot and root your phone immediately!
  • You must have full backup of your current or stock ROM. This is helpful if you donot liked the custom ROM and you want to revert back. Then just reflash the backup. To take backup of current or stock ROM you have two methods from which you can opt any one:
  1. Install CWM from here for your MTK device very easily and then create backp (Easiest)
  2. Read this article to create backup using MTKdroid Tools (medium)

We would sugges you to go for 1 and if you are already comfortable with droid tools then proceed with that too.

  • USB Cabe
  • Your Lovely Android Phone
  • Mobileuncle MTK tools from here or direct download from here.
  • SP Flash Tools setup and Device drivers from here
  • Any Custom ROM for your MTK Device

Now not wasting your time anymore, we will guide you to successfully  install custom rom on youyr mtk device. We have unqiue methods for the process of flashing Custom ROM :

Method 1. Using MobileUncle MTK Tools ( Level : Easy)

  • First of all install Mobileuncle MTK Tools from the above link on your phoneMobileUncle MTk Tools
  • Then select Update option and this application will automatically find the Zip file available on your SD card (For this place the Custom ROM on your SD Card!) Update Tool
  • Then select the ROM and tap on Analysis Update Package End! Now get relaxed while your job is being done by the Mobile Uncle!
  • Your phone will restart after completion! In this way you have successfully ported with the Custom ROM!

Method 2. Using CWM which you installed on your MTK phone from our previous post. (Level : Moderate)

  • Boot into CWM recovery by two ways : 1. Power on + volume down 2. Using Mobile MTK tools select Boot into recovery
  • Now first of all Wipe your current system data and then wipe cache from Wipe Section
  • And tap on Install Update from Zip fileUpdate from Zip
  • And select Zip from sD card! Browse for the ROM
  • And tap on it! The process to install custom recovery will start!
  • Then just reboot your phone once everything is completed!
  • In this way you have successfully installed working Custom Rom on your phone

Method 3:Using SP Flashtool to Install Custom ROM (Level : Difficult)

This method is described briefly in our forum check out here : Flash ROM using SP flash Tool


Final suggestions: If you are a beginner then please go for the less complicated method. Now if you want to revert back to your original ROM just proceed with restore option from CWM recovery the easiest of all.

If you are struck anywhere then discuss in our forums : flash ROM to MTK Devices