Mediatek powered devices are becoming popular day by day especially on our China phones due to their smart performances and cheap cost! Along with the increasing popularity, comes the great responsibility of development! And as you all good guys are aware that development requires talent and results in success sometimes and failures mostly. So on a huge request on our forum we are living upto your expectations and delivering the same by this tutorial : Ultimate solution to Create MTK65XX Backup using MTK Droid Tools and then Unbrick

Things you must be well equipped with before jumping in the tutorial:

  • ADB Drivers for your phone from here (If your phone is not getting detected).
  • MTK Droid Tools from here.
  • USB Cable
  • Mediatek MTK65XX Chipset loaded device
  • Patience

Now let us proceed with the guide:

  1. Extract the MTK Droid tools as downloaded from the link above and run MTK droid Tools
  2. Now plugin your phone with USB Debugging enabled! You will see a screen like this: Mtk droid toolsThe blue color of the status bar below shows that your phone is successfully connected.
  3. Now got to Root,Backup,Recovery option which you can see in the top. RecoveryCheck Backup user data and cache as in the image above and Click on backup
  4. Now your full current ROM backup will start taking place and will be a little time consuming process! You will see a screen like this :Backup
  5. When you are asked by a popup saying – ” Packing Backup ” Then please Select NO as seen in the image belowpack popup
  6. Now after the Current ROM backup is complete then click on “To Prepare Blocks For FlashTool” as can be seen belowflash tool
  7. Now you will need to select md5 sum file so, Just browse for the backups folder and there will be a folder named with the name of your phone open that folderimage (4)
  8. Now open files.md5 as you can see the only file present in that folderimage (5)
  9. After selecting files.md5 you are done with creation of Blocks for Flash tool.image (6)
  10. In this way you are done with your Current ROM backup.
  11. To fix your bricked Phone :Now open SP flash tool and select Scatter Loadingimage (7)
  12. Browse for ifiles_to_flashtool folder and then select the txt file present there as you can see in the screenshot!image (8) Click on open
  13. You will then see a screen like this: image (9)
  14. Now according to your problems here are the solutions:
  • If you are struck at bootloop then just select ANDROID(system.img) You dont need to posrt whole ROM again
  • If you have hardbricked your phone than just click at Firmware>Upgrade to download whole ROM

For some phones you need to remove battery while some can be done without removing battery too. You will see a screen like this after success! image (10)

In this way you have successfully completed with the tutorial to create backup and also fix your bricked android phone!

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