CWM has become part and partial of every Developers life today! But many of the beginners face a big problem with flashing CWM on your very own MediaTek powered phone! SO we have found a very easy way by using which you can install Carliv Touch Recovery on your Very own MediaTek Devices.

List of Devices which are supported by Carliv Touch Recovery :

  • MTK6575
  • MTK6577
  • MTK6517
  • MTK6589
  • MTK6582
  • MTK6592

This version of Carliv Touch Recovery has very great options which you will fill in the screenshots at the end of the post. You donot require any special skills of extracting or editing files while installing CWM on your MTK device. All you need to do is just follow the step-by-step procedure.


Things with which you must be well equipped:

So you are cent percent ready to proceed to install Carliv Touch Recovery or CWM on your MTK device. Please follow the step by step procedure in order to not be in problem while installing CWM.

  1. First of all install adb drivers for your phone
  2. Now run the CWM Magic Create application, Remember to paste the extracted files of The CWM Magic Create at Destop itself. Open the CTRv2.2Capture
  3. Select yes because it happens that our antivirus generally block this programcapture2
  4. Again select Yes which opts for auto installation of the recovery.imgcapture3
  5. Now plugin your MTK Android Phone with USB debugging enabled! And then press Ok. If you get pop up on your phone requesting permissions by the adb shell then just click on Grant!


Your phone will restart when done installing the CWM on your MTK phone! And you are at the safe side too as the original recovery.img is saved as backup in the folder in which you have CWM magic recovery program! In this way you have succeessfully done with the Installation of Touch Carliv Recovery on Your MTK Device.

Here are the salient features of the recovery:

Carliv Touch Recovery

Reboot the Phone – Just restarts your Phone

Wipe Menu- To delete cache and restore factory settings and other options

Mounts&Storage- To mount data and system file

Mounts and Storage

Carliv Menu- It is a kind of about page with instruction guidesIMG_20140410_235350

Install ZIp- Provides option to flash zip on your phone directly from SD Card

Update .zip

Back up and restore- To create full nandroid bakup which saves in your CWM folder on SD Card! This is quiet helpful which leads to secure of your data at various points and is recommended to restore the backup if you have bricked your phone! That s why we install CWM on our deviceBackup and Restore

Advanced – Advanced menu features the option for the log reports and key testing of your android phone

Advanced Menu

The last option is of Power Off which shut downs your device! This guide will definitely help you a lot. Especially for the Beginner Developers!

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