GPS plays a very vital role in the life of a traveler and also in the life of those who are here reading this article. But can you believe a day without your GPS that too in a new city. Yes it happens the most of times with beginners. Media Tek powered Devices find a little complicated issues when come to GPS system! So  We are back with the concrete solution to fix GPS on your MediaTek Powered Android devices.

A list of supported devices for this tutorial are:

  • MTK6592
  • MTK6582
  • MTK6589
  • MTK6577
  • MTK6575


Things required by you in order to successfully Enable GPS on your Phone are:

  1. Rooted Android Phone
  2. Proper Working Internet Connection
  3. GPS Test Application from Play Store
  4. And ofcourse MediaTek Powered Android Phone


After Fulfilling the above criteria now lets jump into the tutorial so that you can have a working GPS:

  • First of all enable Internet Connection on your phone
  • Now Go to Settings then tap on Google then select  Location Settings and make sure ‘Let Google apps access your location’ is “ON“.Google access location settings
  • As you can see the image above, Choose the option of ‘Location Access’ . (You can also open the same by going to Settings > Location access. And Make sure that All the options available there are Checked “ON”. as you can see in the image:Android-location-services-271x480
  • Now In Settings Go to Location access, and now open  “‘GPS satellites’” by tapping on it. and Enable ‘GPS EPO assistance’. As can be seen in the imageLocation Access
  • Now goto ‘EPO settings’EPO settings And Tap DOWNLOAD  EPO data.
  • Now Enable AGPS GPS as you can see in the image secound above it..

In this way you have successfully enabled GPS on your MTK Device. Now let us test if it is working perfectly on your phone or not!

  • Install ‘GPS Test’ from the above link. In GPS Test App, tap menu / settings > check screen always on.

We will perform the test in two stages:

  • Be in your home and start the application and see the bar graph going up and down. You will see something like thisGprs Test graphIf this doesnot work then see the below method
  • Move outside of the home for a while and wait for these graphs go up and down! If you are satisfied then Its great!

In this way you have successfully done with tutorial to fix GPS on your phone!

Now try opening google maps or any other mapping system! We assure you you will never get lost with your GPS.

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