Meteos MTK6589

Internal storage of a phone plays a vital role in running your processes smoothly without getting popups saying : “Running on Low Storage”. But still when we overload our phone with lots of apps then definatley it becomes slow. So we are here with a concrete tutorial to guide you to Partition Internal Storage in MTK6589 Devices which will surely increase the size of the internal storage using which you can install many apps without slowing down your performance of the phone.

Pre-Required Things:

Now wasting your time anymore lets us proceed to Partition Internal Storage in MTK6589 Devices:

  1. First of all take full backup of the stock ROM from the recovery by pressing Backup from the options in the recovery.
  2. Install Meteos MTK6589 Apllication, Then open it. You will see a screen like thisMeteos MTK6589
  3. Now depending upon the size you want to partition of the internal storage. Choose the option. Like if you have 4GB inbuilt storage then go for third option : Partition /data 2.77GB which will increase your stock storage from 1GB to 2.77GB but remember your Internal Storage will decrease, So try this option only you have SD card. 🙂
  4. After selecting the option then Boot into recovery, Go to wipe Section and tap on Wipe data/Factory ResetWipe menuSelect Wipe Data only.
  5. Now restore backup, the one you created earlier in the first step. By selecting Backup and Restore and then Select Restore.
  6. Now just reboot your phone by tapping on the Reboot Option in the Recovery. Carliv Reboot

After Reboot you can check your Phone inbuilt storage now. It will surely be increased. Credits goes to this app which makes this all possible.

If you were unable to go with the tutorial fully or have any doubts then discuss in our forums :



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