Its “G” series smartphones made JiaYu one of the most recognized mobile brands in China. The real fame came to JiaYu from G3 model. At the time, this smartphone stand out impressive value for money and performance. A year later success cemented JiaYu G3 model JiaYu G4. And now on the market a new model – JiaYu G5.
Unlike eminent predecessors, JiaYu G5 is not in the gold price and performance ratio, the new design style resembles Iphone 5.

jiayu g5In this case, the banality of copying are not talking, but what the creators JiaYu G5 design developed with an eye to the legendary Iphone 5, obviously. In addition, as in the Iphone 5, body JiaYu G5 almost entirely of metal, only here the basis took stainless steel.In all other JiaYu G5 almost complete analog previous version JiaYu G4. But first things first, as usual, let’s start with the characteristics.
Features of JiaYu G5:
• Supports dual SIM (WCDMA: 2100MHz, GSM: 850/900/1800/1900MHz)
• OS Android 4.2.2
• 4-core processor MT6589T 1.5GHz
• 4.5-inch IPS OGS screen with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels, Gorrila Glass 2
• 2 GB of RAM
• 32GB ROM + memory card slot up to 64 GB
• Rear Camera – 13 MP (F2.2, video recording Full HD), front – 3MP (video recording HD)
• Extras: GPS + AGPS, Bluetooth BT4.0LE + BT3.0HS, WIFI Direct, FM-radio
• Sensors: gyroscope, light, gravity, distance, electronic compass
• Connectors: microUSB (OTG), a standard 3.5mm audio output
• Battery: 2000 mAh
• Dimensions: 130 x 63.5 x 7.9 mm
• Weight: 158 g
• Metal housing
JiaYu G5 got the same picking and packing, as the previous model JiaYu G4 . It should be noted that these two smartphones are very similar. This is not about design, but about hardware. In this respect, they are nearly identical, even a battery model.

jiayu g5 box

Options JiaYu G5 includes: USB-cable, charger unit with a non-standard plug, battery 2000 mAh and documentation in Chinese.

jiayu g5 box contentsAlso included was the adapter for our points, but this is most likely a personal initiative of the seller. Components work correctly, but the quality of execution to top analogues fall short.
Charging time from the network is a little more than two hours (charger output current is 1 A), but also smart phone can be charged from a computer or other device via USB-cable, in this case, the charging time will become longer.

jiayu g5 batteryDesign and Ergonomics
Main housing parts JiaYu G5 carved on CNC machined from stainless steel. Housing in the smartphone strong, reliable, and as you can imagine, heavy. But hard to measure, weight – 158 g, for example, weighs as much Xiaomi Red Rice . Due to the small thickness of 7.9 mm, smartphone in hand is confident, though the comfort of smartphones that have similar sizes, but made in Samsung-like design, it is far. How far and to comfort Apple iPhone 5, which equals JiaYu G5 design.jiayu g5 overalljiayu g5 back

Front panel provides protection tempered glass Gorrila Glass 2. Regarding edges, then it is almost flush with the display, therefore protecting it from minimal.jiayu g5 look

Traditionally placed on top of light sensors, proximity, voice speaker and front camera. Also here you can find the indicator light of events, he left the speaker. If you look at this picture, we can see the sensor grid at the same time in the photo above clearly visible stripes on the display. This hints at all to display budget origins, but more on this in the relevant section.jiayu g5 top

Below the display we find the touch-sensitive buttons, all three of them – the “Settings”, “Home” and “Back”. Here, too, was not without drawbacks – buttons bad drawn. True, it is not evident, even when they are highlighted. Illumination is normal, there is also a vibration.jiayu g5 bottom

Most JiaYu G5 similar to the iPhone 5 back and sides. I will not talk about right or wrong JiaYu entered, splagiativ iPhone 5, in the end, it’s one of the chips smartphone as it may sound strange. Someone will appreciate it, some do not. As they say, the taste and color of sausage not. Draw your own conclusions here.
Summary of the rear panel consists of a metal cap. Two plates glossy black plastic cover to have no relationship, they are not removable.jiayu g5 dual color back

Module main camera and lights are placed on the upper plate, at the same time the location of the optional microphone noise reduction is the boundary of this cover and the plate itself. Plastic well collects fingerprints, stainless cover less. Another negative – metal housing parts scratched, especially the cover, so you need to refer to your phone carefully as possible, of course, if you are interested in his presentation.jiayu G5 rear camera

As in Xiaomi Mi3, basic speaker imposed on the lower end, in the same conversational mic and micro USB (there is support OTG). Speaker sound quality is no surprise, in fact, the level of the majority of the Chinese budget. Average volume.jiayu g5 speaker and microphone

At the top end is a standard type audio jack of 3.5 mm. The sound quality of the headphones will suit most users, according to the manufacturer, the smartphone is equipped with dedicated audio chip from Yamaha. jiayu g5 earphone socket

The power button is on the right side end and the two volume buttons – on the left. The buttons are comfortable and easy to press.All physical buttons, as well as border smartphone also made of metal.jiayu g5 volume buttonsjiayu g5 power button

Perhaps many people think that it is a button activated the silent mode, similar to the iPhone 5, but it is not. In JiaYu G5 using this button opens the back cover. The mechanism works flawlessly, the cover is attached to the brackets and removed easily.jiayu g5 back cover

Inside JiaYu G5 also made of metal. To assemble no complaints, everything is done at a good level. Under the hood is three slots – one for memory cards microSD and for two SIM (regular SIM + micro SIM). The battery is removable 2000 mAh, if you wish you can buy increased by 3000 mAh battery, but then also increase the thickness of the smartphone.jiayu g5 back cover openjiayu g5 micro sd and sim slots

JiaYu G5 boasts a 4.5-inch IPS display with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels, with the technology OGS. In addition, the display is covered with a protective glass Gorrila Glass 2, which should have good resistance to scratches and bumps. The display on the touch is soft and very pleasant.
Under certain conditions (good light and angle) can be seen on the display and touchscreen grid strips. This clearly hints at its budget origins. Fortunately, this is a good budget display. He has excellent color rendition, clear picture, good brightness and high viewing angles.

But there is one drawback, because of which I will give preference to an older JiaYu G4, – this purple shade of white. If the image is color saturated, this disadvantage is leveled, for example, when watching a video, but when the picture is dominated by a white background, it is easy to find, especially at angles from the side.

And the most insulting – at an angle close to 180 degrees, which in practice no one uses white color looks wrong, then there is no shade.

The hardware part
At the heart of the smartphone is a 4-core processor MT6589T 1.5 GHz, 2 GB RAM and 32 GB of ROM, which if desired can be increased by another 64 GB, fortunately, there is a slot microSD.

jiayu g5 antutu benchmark 1jiayu g5 antutu benchmark 2

jiayu g5 antutu benchmark 3jiayu g5 antutu benchmark 4

In Antutu benchmark it easily gets more than 16 000 “points”. Judging by this parameter, the performance JiaYu G5 somewhere on a par with the smartphone like the Nexus 4 Google.

jiayu g5 vs. nexus 4jiayu g5 vs galaxy s3

Also worth noting is a rich set of sensors JiaYu G5. Installed in almost all the exception was only the most fanciful, such as a barometer or thermometer.

With this metal JiaYu G5 easily handle most modern tasks, whether it’s demanding 3D-games, video quality 1080p or typical Android application. However, like all smart phones on this platform, JiaYu G5 can not boast high graphics performance, so not all the games will go to the highest setting, but it is secondary. On the other hand, MTK chips just famous for the fact that they have a good balance of performance and energy efficiency.
To date, only one smartphone JiaYu has no support for two SIM and fortunately, it is not JiaYu G5. This is a new flagship JiaYu S1 based on Snapdragon 600, but let’s talk about it some other time. JiaYu G5 supports simultaneous operation of two SIM-cards, which are represented by the standard 3G WCDMA: 2100MHz and already bored 2G GSM: 850/900/1800/1900MHz. Voice quality at a good level. Problems with the signal because no metal, all the antennas are located on the back side under the plastic plate. As for voice quality speaker and microphone, then their job no complaints, the interlocutor can hear good as it get you down.
Other technology communication presented Bluetooth BT4.0LE + BT3.0HS and WIFI standard an. Both technologies work perfectly, WiFi catches through two walls.
GPS works most predictably at MTK-smartphones, that is mediocre. Cold start for about 3 minutes, already hot second. On the street or in the car GPS signal is good, but, for example, a one-story house has no catches.

jiayu g5 gps 1jiayu g5 gps 2

Capacity of standard battery JiaYu G5 is 2000 mAh. But you can replace it with a more powerfull 3000 mAh one, however, then the smartphone becomes thick and ugly, as the cover will bulge. In general, in fact, we have 2000 mAh, which, in principle, is the average for today.
Runoff on the firmware, provided that the brightness of the display exhibited in auto mode, I had the full charge for two full days.Smartphone I use mainly for calls, as a player, reader and web surfing. If here enable viewing video and games, the maximum count for the day.
The smartphone is equipped with two cameras – a front 3 megapixel rear and 13 Mn.
Front camera with 3-megapixel resolution can record video in HD. Quality is lower on average (C grade), functions at least enough for video yet, but the photo is not good. When lighting is poor quality drops significantly.
The rear camera is certainly better, but here, too, more marketing digits than the case: 13 megapixel resolution and aperture F2.2.The camera has a LED-backlight, autofocus and can record video in Full HD. Actually, the quality of its work can be estimated as follows:

jiayu g5 camera sample photo 1jiayu g5 camera sample photo 2

jiayu g5 camera sample photo 3jiayu g5 camera sample photo 4

jiayu g5 camera night shot 1jiayu g5 camera night shot 2

jiayu g5 camera indoors 1jiayu g5 camera indoors 2

Sample video 1080p (FHD):

JiaYu G5 is running Android 4.2.1, on top of which stands a brand launcher Jiayu Launcher.
The launcher is very smart and functioning correctly. But, in fact, except the design of workspaces and a menu, it does not differ more from the stock Android 4.2. The system has no proprietary applications or features, unless we consider the user’s guide and the choice of theme launcher. Chinese applications there is little, there is the Russian language, a standard set of programs: Market Google, browser, audio and video players, camera, mail client, etc. Preset programs enough to start full operation.
Of features can be identified unless superuser privileges that are available out of the box.

jiayu g5 interfacejiayu g5 programsjiayu g5 programs 2

jiayu g5 quick settingsjiayu g5 settings 1jiayu g5 settings 2

Thus, the pre-installed software JiaYu G5 differs little from that of its competitors. It is not bad, but it’s not a full firmware type MIUI with all its advantages. So for the best user experience I would advise JiaYu G5 reflash with LEWA OS or the same MIUI. LeWa OS for this model is not available yet. When it is awailable, it will be posted in our Jiayu subforum. Fortunately, the smart phone has a rather big community, finding solutions and custom ROMs can be easy..
As expected, JiaYu G5 bet on design. Hardware and software similar model JiaYu G4 , though the latter has better battery and display that without a shade of purple. As for design, it is an acquired taste. Yes, stainless steel, though, both inside and outside, high strength, relatively small size – everything is cool, but repeatedly heard it said that if it was not designed in the style of the iPhone 5, it would be better. As a result, the taste and color of the design is not.
In China today, the average price JiaYu G5 about $ 280 when comparable to JiaYu G4 Advanced version costs about $ 10 less. If you do not care design, the sense to take JiaYu G5 I do not see buying model JiaYu G4 Advanced looks more logical. At the same time direct competitors JiaYu G5 has not, in the class of 4.5-inch smartphone-price ratio characteristics it is not equal.
• Stainless steel
• Display (IPS, HD, Gorrila Glass 2)
• Performance
• Dual SIM
• Display (white with purple tint)
• Metal scratched
• Heavy for its size

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