Hi, guys! How to get my root back???

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    I accidentally have unrooted my UMI X2 :(
    Pay attention: I did it with tool from Google market called RootAppDelete
    when have “disabled” application Permission Manager (as I understand now it is kind a Superuser app?). From then on, I lost my root :(((
    And I stuck. What is my options to take my root back?
    Please help or point to someone who can help! Thanks in advance.
    NB: the method suggested by UMI itself didn’t help. It just writes “[-] Failure” after step of installing SuperUser app.

    Many people are asking us “How the hell I can root my UMI(S1,X1S,X2) phone?”
    Well I can help you with this simple tutorial…

    1—Download all these files h t t p s : / / w w w . d r o p b o x . c o m / s h / d g o a z z 5 8 j g 9 t s p r / e p D R G D X A p b
    2—– Put them in a folder where you want
    3——- click and start run.bat on this folder
    4……… connect the phone with USB debugging active
    5…….. follow the instruction on the main window of run.bat

    It’s really easy to do! Root your phone yourself!!!

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