Galaxy S4 replica screen broke, costs $270 to fix? WTF?

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    So my friend bought an almost legitimate Chinese replica of a Galaxy S4 and I have to say it was a pretty sweet one. But on one occasion she dropped it on a concrete floor and it cracked the screen, the damage was not major though and is very small, I think it only covered a small portion of the top left of the phone but it is very noticeable either way. She then proceeded to maybe taking it to shop for a repair and the tech guy said it would cost $270 to fix the small crack in the screen, I know the screen will be replaced completely, but $270? You can buy an original pre-owned iPhone with that much.



    $270? That’s a lot of money for a little cracked screen. Do you mean just the glass protecting the touchscreen or the touchscreen itself? If it’s just the glass protecting the touchscreen then I guess that would be too much but if it’s the touchscreen itself that’s cracked well, I can see why it’s too expensive but still $270 is a lot of money for just a screen. Tell your friend to just go and buy a new one.



    Those screens always cost a lot to fix, I remember when I broke my S4 cost me £120 to fix the screen alone.



    I personally think that this is a gimmick to encourage people who break their phones to consider buying a new phone entirely. In my thinking, if that is the entire price for a screen alone then you basically buying a screen as opposed to a phone at that value. So I just left it to a conclusion that people are just trying to find ways of making more money. By selling your screen that is easily trackable and then charging you ridiculous prices to get it replaced or repaired is just a gimmick in my opinion



    Pfft. So bad to hear this. Let us know if you have managed to find a solution.



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    $270? That is ridiculous. I would use that money to buy a new phone. You can get some good quad core Chinese phones for that price and they are better than that s4 replica. It is not worth it to fix that screen crack for that much money.

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