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    E cigarette atomizer is an indispensable part of electronic cigarettes.Some people feel no dear when they are facing so many E cig atomizer on the market.New user don’t know how to use, old user don’t to how to choose. So collect several frequently asked questions to all.

    How often do I need to replace tank/Atomizer/Cartomizer?
    Refillable Atomisers & Cartomizers can last on average about 1 month. They can also last a lot more up to 3 months or even longer. They generally last between 14-60 days depending on usage. The life span of the atomizer is dependent on a few factors, one of which is simply dependent upon the usage by each individual.
    For a Light user, your atomizer/cartomizer can last up to 2 months or even longer.
    For an Average user, your atomizer/cartomizer can last approximately 1 month.
    For a Heavy user, your atomizer can last around 2 weeks and less if you are an extremely heavy user.

    Why is my Atomizer/Cartomizer getting hot?
    Frequent use of the e-cig can cause the atomiser to heat up considerably; this is normal. If your atomizer/cartomizer begins to get hot, allow it time to cool down. Taking regular intervals between inhalations during use will prevent any damage due to over-heating, this may also cause the atomizer/cartomizer to die earlier.

    Why is my Tank leaking?
    Leaking from the Mouth Piece:
    Remove your mouth piece and dry clean the internal and surrounding areas, and then re-attach.
    If your mouth piece screws into a thread make sure the mouth piece is first vertically straight and sitting properly into the threads and then fully closed. If your mouth piece is not fully closed the seal will not complete and may cause e-liquid to enter and flow up into the mouth piece.
    Do not over tighten the mouth piece as this may crack the surrounding area and cause e-liquid leakage.

    Why am I getting e-Juice in my mouth?
    Rarely you may experience due to a build-up of condensation in the mouthpiece, trickles of vapour may accumulate inside the mouthpiece, and over a period of time may produce a droplet that may enter the mouth on inhalation. This is may also be referred to as a ‘mouthful’ of e-Juice. If this by chance occurs, expel e-Juice from the mouth and rinse the mouth out with water.
    We do advise that you keep your mouthpiece regularly cleaned. Remove the mouthpiece, take some clean tissue, you may need to twist at one end so that it can be easily pronged into the mouthpiece. Push the tissue into the mouthpiece with a twist, allowing the tissue to absorb any resdue of e-Juice. Clean and dry any other parts of the mouthpiece.
    BUD cartomizer: Also clean the the surrounding areas of small silicone plug at the top of the cartomizer before replacing the mouthpiece.
    DeGo cartomizer: Make sure the mouthpiece is correctly sitting in its threads as you screw the mouthpiece in, and the mouthpiece must be fully screwed in to complete the seal. Also during refilling of e-Juice, do not overfill with e-Juice so that e-Juice is able to become trapped between the mouthpiece and the silicone seal inside the seal (visible just above the 1.6ml mark) as this wil probably only enter the mouth during the vaping process.

    How do I refill Atomizer?
    Remove the mouth piece of the Atomizer turning anti-clockwise. Place the nozzle end of your e-liquid bottle inside against the mouth of the Atomizer. Hold the Atomizer at at an approximate 45 degree angle. This is so that e-liquid does not trickle down into the central fiunnel, as it will leak out from the base of the Atomizer.
    Squeeze the e-liquid bottle slowly or intermitently until the e-liquid is filled to your desired level. Do not over fill as this may trap e-liquid between the mouthpiece and the atomizer head when you screw it back on, and may cause e-liquid to be inhaled into the mouth whilst vaping. Fill upto the 1.6ml mark.
    Place the mouth piece back into the Atomizer, making sure it is threaded correctly, turn the mouthpiece clockwise gently screw it back on FULLY. If the mouth piece is not threaded correctly on, or if it is not fully screwed back on, it may cause the Atomizer to not perfrom properly, vapour production may leak into the e-liquid chamber and the e-liquid may leak out or into your mouth during vaping.
    If any e-liquid has trickled into the central funnel, place a tissue at the base, and blow from the mouth piece, any e-liquid will be dispelled into the e-liquid. Clean and wipe off any excess e-liquid from the base of the Atomizer before re-connecting to the battery.
    Connect the Atomizer back onto your battery and prime the Atomizer by inhaling on the DeGo Atomizer a few times WITHOUT pressing the button if you are using a manual battery. If you are using an automatic battery remove the battery before priming the Atomizer (placing your finger intermitently at the base whilst priming an automatic battery at the base will aid priming effectively) .
    Allow your Atomizer to stand upright for appromimately a few minutes so that the wicks can soak up the e-liquid before using.

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