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    In everyday life itself, it seems when a group of friends, family or work colleagues get together, only a small percentage of them are active smokers. This often means the ones that are will have to go into another room to light up, or even outside like the bars and restaurants. This can make people feel like outsiders, and that what they are doing is anti social. Perhaps it is, but the fact is that many people enjoy nicotine. On the other hand, the fact is that most non smokers don’t want to be around cigarette smoke.

    The E-Cigarette changes all this. It is a better replacement for the usual traditional cigarettes that everyone has been used to seeing and smoking. With electronic cigarette, you are eliminating the smoke; tobacco and tar while still get the taste of nicotine that smokers are looking for in a cigarette.
    How Does The E-Cigarette Work?

    The E-cig works by utilizing state of the art sophisticated micro-electronic technology to provide users a real smoking experience without the fire, flame, tobacco, tar, carbon monoxide, ash, stub or smell found in real cigarettes.
    The electronic cigarette has been around since 2002 and recent advances in the technology used by the manufacturers have led to some incredibly neat and effective smoking replacements. The modern day E-Cigarette looks like a cigarette, feels like a cigarette, releases “smoke” like a real cigarette, however, What these new millennium cigarettes don’t have is all of the chemicals, toxins and carcinogenics found in real cigarettes.

    e cig are a non-flammable cigarette substitute that uses micro-electronic technology, which provides smokers a real “smoking” experience without the fire, flame, tobacco, tar, carbon monoxide, ash, stub or smell found in real cigarettes. They even allow you to inhale and exhale a real smoke “vapor” that replicates real cigarette smoke.
    “E cig smokers still get their nicotine“, explains Elicko, a serial entrepreneur and Lux Founder & CEO, “without having to suffer many of the other negative side effects of tobacco smoking. There are absolutely no carcinogenic substances and no tar. Ordinary cigarettes contain some 4,000 different chemical substances. They pollute the air, and they are hazardous to the health of others – including small children – who breathe the dangerous secondhand smoke. We are looking to supply Lux e cig to a numerous of leading casinos and clubs, and open e cig stores in majors malls around the country.”

    Since e cig does not burn tobacco or ash like a traditional cigarette, it is not restricted by USA smoking laws and is completely legal to use indoors i.e. restaurants, bars, etc. There are no longer needs for lighters and you don’t have any messy leftovers to dispose of! The e cig is so much more than economical, you enjoy the traditional sensation of smoking, but avoid all of the other adverse side effects!.
    The new e cig works by utilizing a very small in line vaporizer that turns the liquid inside the cigarette into an atomized smoke mist. They are fully re-chargeable and each E-Cigarette can last a full day on one single charge. They make a variety of flavors that contain a either no nicotine or a high levels of nicotine, depending upon what your intended use is.
    Now You Can Try Them Out Free!

    e cig are slowly becoming popular in the market nowadays. This new type of cigarette eliminates the harmful effects of the smoke coming from traditional cigarette. This has become a healthier alternative to smokers who cannot quit the habit right away.

    e cig give one the chance to quit the habit of cigarette smoking without frustration and withdrawal syndrome. This allows your body to adjust gradually and eventually take off the addiction that one has on smoking and nicotine. By using e cig, you are switching to healthier type of smoking habit.

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    why is this forums nothing but about smoking..? sheesh. thought it was droidchina

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