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Vkworld Stone V3S to be the first Quadruple-Protection Rugged Phone

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    Undoubtedly, not everyone need a smartphone. Special conditions devices are very popular and Stone V3 is one of the. It is a hit among many people, so Vkworld will launch a new version. Vkworld Stone V3S compared the Stone V3 variant has superior specs. Stone V3S is world’s very first quadruple-protection phone. It is not only aiming at outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers but also applying to the elder and children. Due to its anti-low temperature feature, V3S is more suitable in colder regions.

    Vkworld Stone V3S

    Vkworld Stone V3S basic specs

    1. IP67 dust and water resistant
    2. Very rugged and can be dropped repeatedly without breaking itself
    3. Anti-low temperature feature, can survive extreme conditions as cold as -50 Celsius Degree

    Metallic Edge 

    Zinc alloy metal frames, excellent strength

    Physical Keyboard

    1. Transparent resin coating on every key
    2. Laser-carved characters

    Four Colors

    Black, Green, Orange, Blue

    Vkworld Stone V3S


    Stone V3S price will be around only $30, even lower than Stone V3. The V3S will be available in the coming days.

    By the way, now Vkworld offers 100 pieces of free mobile phones in their latest promotion. They choose 5 winners everyday until 10th Oct, 2016. You can see it here.

    Vkworld Stone V3S


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