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UMI Teases $99 Smartphone With a Fingerprint Sensor

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    Fingerprint sensors are slowly becoming one of the must-have features of smartphones these days with Google even bringing native support for the feature in their upcoming Android Lollipop and it looks like UMI is planning to take advantage of the new built-in support by announcing the UMI Fair, a $99 smartphone with a fingerprint sensor which the company is calling a mid-range phone killer.

    umi-fair-announced-01Looking at the teaser image the company released today, it looks like the UMI Fair will come with Android’s latest Lollipop operating system and will feature a round fingerprint sensor, a square-shaped rear camera, and a dual LED flash.

    UMI is calling the Fair the “First Fingerprint ID Phone Designed for Everyone” and with a price of only $99 it looks like that could very well be what the UMI Fair could do, bring fingerprint sensor technology to everyone.

    Aside from the fingerprint sensor, Android Lollipop, and the aforementioned features we could see from the image, the company did not unveil any of the specifications as well as the release date for the UMI Fair but since the new device will come built-in with Android 6.0 Lollipop we could expect that it will launch sometime after Google rolls out the new operating system.


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