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ThL W8 Beyond 1080P Full HD IPS screen ultra clear visual

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    By the “big screen” and “1080P full HD resolution” pop trends, equipped with 1080P Full HD IPS screen smartphone mushroomed in the market emerge, smartphones visual experience from 720P to 1080P Full HD high-definition era of rapid the times. Conform to this trend, Thl smartphones unveiled a heavyweight models ThL W8 Beyond, for the majority of players to bring ultra-clear, ultra-realistic visual feast.

    It can be said, the phone’s screen display a direct impact on consumer buying enthusiasm, but also to measure the user experience is good or bad first step. THL W9 and ThL W8 Beyond the front configured a resolution of 1920 * 1080 pixel full HD screen, PPI pixel density values ??up to 441, both enjoy high-definition beautiful pictures, or watching a video, can provide users with a more detailed screen performance and richer color rendering.

    Meanwhile, ThL W8 Beyond using IPS hard screen panel material, in order to bring large 178 degree viewing angle, any angle color performance is not compromised. And the IPS screen also has excellent color and brightness inversion inversion and other properties, to be able to present the user with bright, saturated natural ideal picture with fantastic visual feast.

    Equipped with a 1.5GHz quad-core processor speed ThL W8 Beyond, on the chip upgrade will undoubtedly love the movie, large 3D game speed experience of friends to bring the gospel. ThL W8 Beyond and THL W11 are based rear 13.0MP back-illuminated camera use, but also greatly enhance the shooting under low light conditions, for the majority of users a clearer picture experience. Think of it, when a high-resolution landscape photos in full HD 1080P show up on the screen, showing in front of more than just a simple landscapes, is more of a realistic gorgeous stunning “horizon.”

    1080P Full HD on the market of intelligent machines is not uncommon, THL there are many mobile phones is 1080P Full HD, such as a THL W8S, ThL W200, THL W9 and THL W11, from the overall configuration speaking, ThL W8 Beyond the price are slightly better than a chip. Meanwhile, ThL W8 Beyond equipped with jelly beans systems will also provide users with a more intelligent, more humane playing machine experience.

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