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Smartphone Big Coupon giveaway! THL Ultrathin 4400, Zopo ZP998, Doogee DG450

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    After one year Anniversary, we 1949deal wins much support from our customers, someone gets the goods at the half price, but someone doesn’t. Just as a Chinese popular saying goes, every coin has two sides, we really congratulate those who catch our goods at the bottom price, but those who don’t get them should not be disappointed, because as we promised before, we will give away large discounts every day. Now we have choosen three hottest smartphone to enjoy big coupon.


    First, THL Ultrathin 4400 has two colors, white and black, at first, we just have black one in stock, and now we also have white one in stock, we have sent you 10usd coupon for both black and white. And the coupon code is 10usdthl4400 , but the vaild date will last to June 12, which means you can get this phone at $172.99, not $182.99, it’s the cheapest compared with other suppliers. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.


    Second, do you remember there is a very hot smartphone in December, 2013, that is Zopo zp998, now we think it’s still good geek, and we decide to give you $7 coupon, coupon code is 7COUPON20140610 , by the way, the deadline willl be June 13, and it is still zopo flagship smartphone. When you are crazy about the latest smartphone, never forget to look back to see those android geek before.


    Third, Doogee smartphones have been widely attracted, although Doogee DG330 has not been released, Doogee DG450 is still nice and hot in our store, there are three colors, white, black and golden, it’s only at $98.99, but if you use our 6usd coupon by entering the coupon code COUPON20140611 , you will get it at only $92.99. What are you waiting for? It’s only valid in 2 days. Never miss it out!

    In all, those three smartphones have different specs, different design, but they all enjoy large discounts. If you are waiting for the price down, we think it’s your best time to get it. We will give you more surprise every day! Check in our store, and many difference and new arrivals will be found by you!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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