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    Devices like the Samsung Galaxy Note or the LG Optimus Vu are not either phones nor tablets – they’re something in between them (phablets?). They’re definitely too big to fit in your pocket but they’re good if what you’re looking for is a device with a decent screen size.

    Here is the Galaxy Note compared to 2 iPhones. The size difference is quite noticeable.



    Do you think these devices, whatever they’re called (really, I don’t know what they’re called) are worth having? Would you ever buy one – and if so, why? Why not a tablet, why not a smartphone?



    I think Samsung has the phablet market in the bag. I have a Samsung Galaxy note 2 and it’s really awesome. Smartphones are good to have on the pocket but the Galaxy Note 2 could definitely do more than any smartphone on the planet. And it also fits in your pocket (barely).

    Also, the Galaxy Note 2 can do what most tablets can and it’s a lot less bulky too. I can bring my phablet out anytime I want and do the things I’m supposed to do without any hassle. It’s very powerful too with it’s quad core processor and 2GB of RAM.



    I don’t agree that they’re too big to fit in your pocket (at least the Note II). I have the II, and it fits in my pant or shirt pocket just fine. I think people underestimate their pocket sizes!

    I agree with Lindy, above. The Note II is an absolutely excellent device, I’m very happy with mine. The battery life is good, the phone is really fast and responsive, the camera is really fast and the handwriting recognition is fantastic with the s-pen! It also has more features than you can shake a stick at. Truly recommended. And don’t worry about the size, there’s really no problem with it.



    I think they are a dumb bad idea because they are too big to fit in your pocket.



    I think they’re too big for me to bring around or play in bed. Heh. I own a Samsung Galaxy S2, it’s oldish but sometimes when I use it and I’m on my back, it would fall on my face! It hurts too, and it’s why I don’t want a phablet which would be bigger.

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