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ONEPLUS ONE: advantages and disadvantages!

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    [size=medium]OnePlus One[/size] handset is currently one of the most popular mobile phone, just unveiled a OnePlus One, which established a huge network of multinational marketing, will be available in 16 countries, so even in foreign science and technology media, can also be seen on OnePlus One discussion. Here we take a look at its pros and cons.



    OnePlus One prices are relatively cheap. 16GB price is $380.99,64GB is $449.99 on prcfrog.Reference to its hardware configuration, basic and Sony Xperia Z2, Samsung Galaxy S5 flagship, as with many flagship Smartphone with high performance and low price, OnePlus One hardware configuration comparable to the flagship: Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor 2.5GHz, 3GB RAM, Adreno 330 graphics chips, with Samsung, Sony’s latest flagship, stronger even than the HTC One M8. OnePlus One Android 4.4 is a mobile phone, but its custom interfaces for popular CyanogenMod to carry, which is why it can be a cause of concern in foreign markets. Compared to Samsung and HTC to be greatly revised interface system, closer to primary Android, yanogenMod, but strengthened the functions (such as support for lossless audio coding, and so on), and also have high custom-degree of freedom.

    Although OnePlus One is a low-cost mobile phone, but the screen configuration is very high-end, 5.5-inch 1080P IPS screen displays brilliant, perfect for watching movies, which is more aggressive compared to other flagship, Samsung Galaxy S5. So, if you like the big screen, OnePlus One is also a good choice. In addition to a full range of hardware configurations, OnePlus One also has a number of customizable elements, different material qualities of the rear cover. Can be wood, denim, bamboo or even Kevlar, in a nutshell, you can push yourself to replace the back cover.



    Like the iPhone series, OnePlus One memory card is not supported. OnePlus One built-in 3100mAh battery back cover can be opened, but does not support to replace the battery, which is a pity. Early exterior design close to Sony and OPPO’s recent models, but unfortunately is not small. To incorporate the 5.5-inch screen and a physical menu key, some people may seem too big and clumsy.



    OnePlus One as a new Member of the mobile phone market, apparently there are advantages and risks, but global marketing strategies in mobile startups in the country, is unprecedented, as long as the effects on the formation of big brands, increased competition is obviously a good thing for consumers.Know the advantages and disadvantages of ONEPLUS ONE you are interested in it? Interested in quickly to the [size=medium]prcfrog[/size] purchase.


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