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No.1 S3 Smartwatch Review

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    The No. 1 S3 is a Chinese round smartwatch. It comes in a couple of colours and both combinations are looking pretty good for the price of the device. This smartwatch costs $59usd and for that money you get a smartwatch that is also a phone. You can use it independently from your phone or with your phone.
    The watch itself it’s made out of plastic but it does look like it is metalic. A metalic version would have been nice but it would most likely increase the cost.
    There is only one button available on the watch and it has a touch screen that it’s supposed to be scratch resistant.
    the back is removable and you can remove the battery, insert a memory card and a sim card. The 350mah battery is able to keep the watch going for an entire day, but will most definatley not make it thru the next day. This watch is not waterproof. There is also a speaker on the back of the device that it is surprisingly loud. There is also a microphone on the left hand side of the watch in case you want to make any phone calls or record anything.
    On one of the straps there is a heart rate monitor that works very well, however it doesn’t have a function to randomly measure your heart rate thru-out the day.
    If you use the watch as a smartwatch there is an app that you can download and that way all your phone notifications get to the watch. Some of the health functions of the watch like the heart rate, or the pedometer will sync on the watch.
    The watchfaces are quite limited and there is no way to get new ones or customize the ones that are available.
    The apps that come on the watch are also the only apps that you can get, but i believe that there are enough for the little screen that the watch has. You can change the music playing on your phone from the watch, take pictures from the watch and small things like that.
    I ended up using the watch as a watch, not as a smartwatch, just because i find the pedometer and heart rate monitor useful during runs and workouts.
    Overall, for $58.99usd it is a very decent watch. Check out the link in the video’s description if you want to check this watch out.



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