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MT6589 GPS Issue

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    I have two MT6589 smartphone with different motherboards. From the start both had poor GPS: very slow lock-on and frequent single sample drop-out. now one of them – the ALPS E2001 motherboard – has completely lost GPS function – no satellites even visible after a long time looking. I have tried a factory reset just in case some software has become corrupted, but still nothing. Has anyone had similar experience or can suggest any research or remedy.
    Thanks, Andrew
    Cambridge UK



    I seem to have found an answer on gizbeat – see below:

    Steps to get your 3G up and running:
    Go to Settings > Google > Location Settings and make sure ‘Let Google apps access your location’ is ON.
    In this same area you will see a box at the bottom of the dialog that says ‘Location Access’ tap it. (alternatively, access this area by going to Settings > Location access. Make sure ‘Access to my location’, ‘GPS satellites’ and ‘Wi-fi & mobile network location’ are all checked / toggled on.
    In Settings > Location access, tap the words ‘GPS satellites’. Enable ‘GPS EPO assistance’. Make sure you have internet on, go into ‘EPO settings’ and download EPO data.
    This is just my personal opinion, but if you don’t have an always on data-connection, don’t turn on A-GPS to test your GPS. That’s just my opinion though. Many people enable it and if you’ve got an always on data connection (2G/3G), it should be turned on – though if you’re on a very limited plan, you might want to turn it off after you’re done using GPS. If you want to enable it, tick it ON.
    If you’re rooted, download ‘Faster GPS’ and set your location. This is good for helping with a quick first lock, however after the first lock, the program basically becomes useless unless you change countries.
    Download ‘GPS Test’ from Play. In GPS Test settings, make sure screen always on is checked.
    Go outside for up to 15 minutes and watch the pretty little bars go up and down until you get a lock, or put your phone outside. Subsequent locks should be quicker. Especially if you do it within a short time after the cold lock.
    Let us know your result on Chinaphonearena.com and post your results here as well along with the phone model you’re using.

    It worked for me :-)



    learn a lot



    hello to everyone! is my first time on this forum, not where I submit this thread but I read here that AMCK has a mtk 6589 and I have one just like it on a quadcore 6589 Q5 1.2 HD Gz mtk 1g of ram 4g rom but the problem is it has very poor quality of audio is too low the recovery menu is in Chinese but the phone is in recovery rooteado in Chinese is almost impossible to set you a-fix, I tried to edit the audio file with root explorer but not what is file and that the file with its original name in order greetings need your help please!



    good to know about that.

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