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Lenovo ZUK Z1 Review: Ferrari Speeds?

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    ZUK is a new comer to the smartphone game – the affordable yet great ZUK Z1. If you haven’t heard of it, ZUK is a start-up, which is backed by the Chinese electronics giant Lenovo. Find out if it is a great smartphone in our full review.

    We wanted to say thanks to Coolicool for sending Lenovo ZUK Z1 for a review. Gizmochina readers are getting a special $20 or $30 discount. Grab a discount code at the end of the article!

    Lenovo ZUK Z1 Review: VIDEO

    Lenovo ZUK Z1 Review: UNBOXING

    IMG_4790 IMG_4792 IMG_4794
    The phone comes in a neat quality packaging and all the contents, which include the neatly folded USB-Type C charging cable, USB brick and instruction manuals are packed in separate boxes.

    Lenovo ZUK Z1 Review: DESIGN

    When it comes to the design, the ZUK Z1 is not a small phone as it sports a 5.5” display. However, the bezels on the top and bottom parts make this phone slightly taller than e.g. OnePlus 2.
    Still, the phone is manageable with one hand due to rounded corners and it sits very comfortably in the hand.
    IMG_4800 IMG_4796
    I have both white and grey models and the differences are, of course in colours, which are different on all sides of the phone. A more significant difference is that the white model has a glossy plastic finish, which attracts smudges and I’m not a huge fan of it.

    The battery life is one of my favourite parts of the ZUK Z1. The phone has a 4100mAh battery with fast charging capabilities and it performs very well.
    I could get almost 7 hours of screen-on time with a light use and the stand-by time was just brilliant.
    Naturally, the screen-on time reduces if you do some more intensive tasks but still, I am very happy with the overall battery performance.

    Lenovo ZUK Z1 Review: CONCLUSIONS

    So, there you have it, the ZUK Z1 by Lenovo. It is a great phone for a lot of reasons, no matter if you look at it like at any other device or a phone that was built by a start-up.
    It all starts with a plain yet good looking design and solid construction, and a vibrant display.
    Also, you are getting a well implemented UI, which is blazing fast. In addition, the processing power lets you enjoying even the most demanding games, 64GB of internal storage is more than enough to store some good looking images shot by the camera or store lots of songs that sound pretty good via the loudspeaker. Lastly, a generous battery will keep the lights on for a long time.
    However, if you are very serious about the night photography or a good video recording is a feature that you can’t live without, the ZUK Z1 is not the best performer out there.
    All in all, despite a few shortcomings that can actually be fixed with the future software updates, the Lenovo ZUK Z1 is a really good device for the price of just above $300.

    Gizmochina readers are getting some generous discounts for the ZUK Z1 when buying from both China and EU warehouses!




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