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Jiayu G3 Official ROM 20130223

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    MTK recently updated WIFI Bluetooth GPS FM four-in-one chip (the original four-in-one chip S500 stopped production), which makes the new produced G3 is no longer compatible with the previous version of the software, so another update software is released here for relevant users to download.

    The ROM supports the new Bluetooth, WIFI, GPS, FM four-in-one chip S501, newly produced G3 are based on S501 four-in-one chip.

    1, The original G3 software version 20121115 and 20121129 suit S500 chip, as well as original 4.1beta version .
    2, 20130223 version suits S501 chip.

    Different four-in-one chip needs corresponding different version of software, and not compatible with each other. Please choose and flash the rom according to their own version of the model.Otherwise, the WIFI Bluetooth GPS FM function can not be used normally.

    Note: Jiayu G3 with rom of 20121115,20121129 version , do not flash this rom.

    Check the software version in About phone-> build number

    Download link:

    SD Card Update zip


    PC update zip


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