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IMDEN VR Headset discount at Amazon (coupon)

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    The other day we told you about VR systems and the differences between them and we had presented an autonomous VR system that needed not a PC or smartphone to function.. Today, we have a representative of another kind of system, VR Glasses that act as lenses for the VR content run on your smartphone. The IMDEN VR Headset.

    imden vr headset

    The IMDEN VR headset is a case for mounting your 4.5″ to 5.5″ smartphone and do whatever you want like watch a movie, play games etc. It features high durability Janpan resin lenses and a very soft, safe for children, silicon material to protect your face while wearing.

    imden vr headset

    The headset has Bluetooth 3.0 support and can act as a remote control while watching movies but also as a mouse (only in Android) while interacting with games and other VR apps. The 200mAh built-in battery can give the headset an 5-8 hours of usage, more than enough for continuous use (you don’t want to get a headache, do you?).

    The device is on sale at Amazon and you can use discount code A5ZFCGK2 to get extra discount. So if you want to enter the world of VR without spending a fortune, visit the product page and catch the offer while it lasts.

    imden vr headset


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