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Farm Heroes Saga vs Candy Crush

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    In the Play Store universe there are two reigning games: Farm Heroes Saga and Candy Crush.

    While Android users are divided, an interesting thing is that they are from the same study of developers: King. (It could be perceived as an unfair monopoly or simply as a deserved reward since the winner has all the spoils). Something is certain: King is doing something right.

    Candy Crush created a brand with bright graphics and a fluid, praised, game-play making the company a good name. But King has learned from its success and improved greatly in Farm Heroes Saga.

    By this time King knows what we want and how we want it. Candy Crush did raise the bar very high but I think King has outdone itself with “Farm”, making its look more pleasant, less shrill and better to play overall.

    If you have played both it would be good if you share your impressions. They can help those just starting out, one game or the other.

    Candy Crush:

    Farm Heroes:

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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