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    A cool new game Game of Sniper
    ★★★ Introducing Game of Sniper ★★★
    [IMG][/IMG] [IMG]–UMTANCo3nKP_ndssYacXKOjOse5WDK4h8fCN4sty4HxJ3pVPbu3gJxJn1cY=h900[/IMG]
    The world is in Peril, terrorism is rising, hostages are taken, and minds are plagued with fear. Be a hero, only you can end this all! Keep growing your skills to open different modes and engage in a moving story that continues to update! Get all your weapons and bullets, get ready for extreme hunting!
    Game Features
    •Omniscient 3D-angle Shooting
    •Stunning Panoramic Map View
    •Large quantity of Fierce Battles to Fight
    •Varieties of Powerful Weapons to Choose
    •Extra-Fluent Procession
    Quick Start-up Guide
    •Attack: Tap the enemy to enter Sniper View, Slip the screen to adjust, Tap to fire
    •Exit Sniper Mode: Tap Non-cross area to exit sniper mode
    •Aim: Move the scroll bar to aim the target
    Items provided for players:
    •Health: Supplement blood
    •Sniper Rifle: 10 different kinds of sniper rifle with different degrees of damage
    •Military Uniform: Protect you from damage for a certain time
    Link to google play:

    Requires Android: 2.2 and up
    I recommend you to download this new and awesome game.

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