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Elephone P5000 knows you

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    If architects are able to build a fingerprint structure, there is no reason left for us to ignore your identity verification. At the present, it’s still most convenient way to keep your privacy safe; as long as you don’t use icloud.
    P5000 continues one of Elephone’s key feature, fingerprint scanner. We’re using the second generation fingerprint scanner, which is as same as the one Samsung S5 uses. Scan your fingerprint just by putting your finger on home key. It’s the most accurate sensor right now and we’re using the best hardware to protect your privacy.
    On the other hand, we developed more humanized functions for the fingerprint scanner. Lock certain functions on your smartphone such as message, pictures, bank apps, email and contact etc. There is no need to worry about someone playing with your phone anymore.
    P5000 specification poll will have winner selected today, the winner gets a TV box. On Nov 18th, storage and touch screen poll will take place. And another winner will be selected next week. Come and leave a message, the next TV box may be yours.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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