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    I visit in Columbia by Columbia bus. Columbia has a various attractive places for their visitors. I want to talk about Armenia. It has been referred to as a wonder city because of the speed with which it is developing. The economy is mainly based on coffee, bananas, and plantains. It’s a nice area for visit.



    There are 3 landmarks in armenia that are unesco world heritage sites.these are:
    1)Monastery of Haghpat and Sanahin
    2)Cathedral and Churches of Echmiadzin and the Archaeological Site of Zvartnots
    3)Monastery of Geghard and the Upper Azat Valley i would go visit these fist.
    then there is the armenian genocide museum thats worth seeing.History Museum of Armenia,National Gallery of Armenia,Charents Museum of Literature and Arts are also worth seeing.



    Armania is good place to visit. It is also very beautiful country.



    Yeah Armenia is a nice country next to Turkey.



    No doubt its much beautiful as well..!



    I agree with all members Armenia is a beautiful and attractive country to see. It has considerable attractions for the travellers on all its many ancient monasteries and churches, but is also significant for the beauty of the landscape of the country. Haghartsin Monastery that is located near the city of Dilijan is one of the most interesting places of this country.



    Armenia is a mountainous country has an ancient history of cuisine. I have been there last year after my visit to the grand brighton. Armenia has a Mediterranean cuisine, a unique dish of the spices vegetarian, fish and food. Everyone who visits this country will definitely enjoy a variety of food.

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