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Amoi V King version coming

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    Amoi mobile phones this year’s quad core machine is like a mini-fast form of the medieval royal, following the V-Prince edition, Knight edition have appeared ,Amoi   V series has a new machine debut, was named the V King version, if the guess is correct, V King version will continue to 360 special for the machine’s identity debut, may still go Jingdong platform for sales.

    Exposure of the new machine renderings

    Before there was news of V series is a new member that is not likely to be available for Amoi N880, the time is not yet available in the new machine, the official did not respond. Recently another Amoi N890 also a model for the new model is also close to the Offer, and with the N880 looks like twins, but the latest renderings with both similarities, both of which specifically Which is not yet confirmed. However, N880 and N890 are also common, two new machines will be a 5.0-inch large screen, N880 reached a higher resolution HD level, N890 then uses a qHD resolution, in addition to two new machines are equipped with After the front 3,000,000 pixel + 8,000,000-pixel dual HD camera,and has 1700 mAh battery, have adopted main frequency of 1.2GHz quad-core processor (MTK6589). Systems also vary, N880 is Ali cloud OS, while the N890 is the Android 4.2 version of the operating system.

    The naming of the new machine point of view, king edition is so powerful, I believe its hardware specifications will be higher, so N880 crowned “King of the throne,” the chances seem larger.


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