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ARM SOC vs x86

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    Simple question : does anyone know how a modern (let’s say a RK3188 quad core ARM Corex A9 device) ARM SOC compares to an Intel Atom system?

    I’m planning to build a home web-server, and I only care about the power consumption. Obviously the ARM is way ahead in this respect, however would it be much slower?

    A quick calculation for a 365 days uptime power consumption results in 44 KWh. That’s much cheaper in comparison with any web host out there, but of course, you’ll also have to sacrifice some bandwidth.



    If you only care about the power consumption, I may have a suggestion for you. And that is not a difficult task for a linux expert.

    You can use your modem for that purpose. May be you can find a better candidate for this purpose, but you can take a look at fritz!box modems and freetz firmware. It will cost no extra power consumption except the extra load on it. Furthermore, some models support USB storage expansion, so disk space will not be an issue either.

    If you are not living in Germany, make sure you get international version of the modem.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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