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AGM ROCK V5 PLUS rugged android phones Review

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    This top-rugged smart waterproof mobile phone manufacturers AGM’s new AGM ROCK V5 PLUS,
    has become the hottest three anti-cell phone nowadays represents,
    whether it is good work or good reputation have gained market recognition and consumer recognition,
    its price and performance can be regarded as best one of three anti-mobile phone.

    AGM ROCK V5 PLUS equipped with 3.5-inch screen, scratch resistant,
    a resolution of 240 × 320 pixels. Has a 1300mAh large capacity battery,standby up to 305 hours.
    IP67 protection class professional, a deep soak in water 30 minutes still work;
    2 m less altitude, freefall fell ground unharmed;
    better withstand a static one ton of pressure on non-destructive.
    Meanwhile, AGM ROCK V5 supports GPS voice navigation, precise positioning.
    Completely free access, without any GPRS traffic, without network signal.
    In no way, no marks, no reference of the outdoor adventure, study, measurement, open the GPS track log,
    so outdoor activities you can gain more security.
    it will be the Veritable tough durable top three anti-mobile phone.


    absolute worst phone ever made. This phone comes with 12 months warranty and was in constant transit between australia and china. It came back fixed twice out of the 6 times it was sent. First time it arrived it was DOA. The last 3 times I sent it back it was a game of ping pong because they never fixed it. Then they cry about the warranty running out (they never fixed it) The cost of postage back and forth makes this phone a costly piece of machinery. The fact they never couldn’t or wouldn’t fix it in 3 attempts makes it a poor excuse of a phone. If your looking to buy a phone buy anything else but this.

    I got the phone back today. It has exactly the same problem as it did when I sent it back to you last time and the time before that. I am at the end of my tether with this lemon. I either want a refund or a new phone. There is no point sending it back to you as I have sent this phone back to you 3 times already to get fixed for the same problem and never got fixed. Send me a new one that works or refund my money I am 100% sick of it. The phone has been in constant transit to china and back since I brought it for one problem or another at least 5 times about 2 months turnaround from my recollection and there is no point in sending it again as I have paid more in postage then this piece of rubbish is worth and you will only send it back to me broken. It is time for an exchange.

    This time you sent the cover back however you kept my memory card this time. You did not follow the QA sheet I wrote up for you, I shouldn’t have had to write up the QA sheet in the first place as its like dealing with an moron having to write that for someone who sells phones. Whats worse you didn’t follow it and sent me back phone that still don’t work. Very professional on your part.

    Send me a new phone or refund the money its your choice.

    PS I brought this from babikenshop I wont put in there url cause they dont deserve a backlink and are borderline scammers but definite morrons

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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