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A8 Smartwatch REVIEW – An Apple watch replica?

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    I will start by saying that the Molibao A8 is a gorgeous watch. It looks a lot like the Apple watch, however it doesn’t have the same functionality or price tag. This watch costs $49. For that money you get a waterproof watch made entirely out of metal, a 1.54″ IPS curved screen, a 2mp camera, a heart rate monitor, a pedometer and a leather strap.
    The screen looks really good and it has excellent viewing angles. It also gets very bright and there aren’t any issues seeing it in bright daylight. I do find it a bit too sensitive and i wish that could be toned down a bit. Watchfaces; well like most Chinese smartwatches, this is an issue. There are only 3 available and i only found one more to install. There are probably more available but it is a bit difficult to find them when everything is in Chinese.
    The leather strap can be easily changed if you would prefer another one. I do find the one that comes with the watch appealing.
    The 2mp camera is located to the side of the watch inside the “scrolling wheel” that doesn’t actually scroll. Takes ok pictures in bright light, however i don’t exactly see myself taking pictures with the watch having my phone in the pocket. It can also record video.
    The features that i enjoy and use constantly are the pedometer and the heart rate monitor. They seem quite accurate and are a good tool to have.
    In order to get everything working on the watch you need to install an app on your phone. This can be found in the play store and it’s called FunDo Smart device.
    You can make phone calls from the watch, answer calls, change the songs that are playing on your phone.
    Every notification that you get on your phone will show up on the watch, but unfortunately you can only answer to sms messages.
    The 320mah battery will make it thru an entire day without any problems, however it won’t make it thru the 2nd day.
    Overall for $49 you get a beautiful metalic watch with a really nice screen that has some limitations. Check out the review video for more information about the A8 Smartwatch.
    Review video:
    Unboxing video:

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