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5-inch screen Huawei G610S new phones

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    Back in early last month, there is foreign media broke the news that the upcoming series of Huawei Ascend G610, there will be multiple versions, although not a rumor like telecom version uses MTK6589 quad-core platform, but to support China Unicom 3G network version is also available, and telecommunications version is different from Unicom version that is equipped with MT6589 quad-core processor, model for Huawei G610S. Currently you can order this phone, which is expected to arrive on July 1.

    Huawei G610S ‘s design is consistent with the telecom version, the biggest difference is the appearance of the  body less a sign of China Tianyi, but not below the DTS logo,In addition,it  also means the Unicom version does not support DTS. Another Huawei G610S’s  body size is 142×73.6×9.9mm, slightly thicker than the telecom version of some, the gap of 0.2 mm is almost ignored.

    About three versions of G610 earlier we had introduced ,the three biggest difference is supported by the network standard is not the same, Huawei G610S support WCDMA + GSM dual sim dual standby, there will be a follow-up version to support TD-SCDMA network available , which also determines the three versions of the processor are different, Unicom version of the Huawei G610S equipped with MTK6589 quad-core processor, main frequency of 1.2GHz, other aspects of the three versions of almost no difference.

    Huawei G610S also equipped with a 5.0-inch screen with a resolution of qHD 960 * 540, with 1GB of memory to run with 4GB built-in storage space memory combinations, front 300,000 + back 5MP dual cameras, the standard capacity is 2150 mm Ann replaceable battery,and the systems is compatible with Huawei Emotion UI’s own Android 4.2. The most noteworthy point is that Huawei G610S support for electronic compass and gyroscope, which is a lot more awesome than Telecom version.

    With China Unicom version of the listing, telecom version is also reduce the price, compared with G610S processors, sensors, etc. advantages, although the screen resolution is slightly less, for entry-level users can be said an ideal choice.

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