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    About two months ago, Vkworld released the rugged Vkworld Stone V3S that featured quadruple protection. Today, the company announces two new rugged devices, the Vkworld Stone V3 Plus and the Vkworld Stone V3 Max. As you can tell, the V3 Series is all about durability and that’s what these devices offer.


    Vkworld Stone V3 Plus

    vkworld stone v3 plus

    Vkworld claims that the Stone V3 Plus is going to be the phone with the strongest signal reception. And that is because it features dual antennas: One internal and the other external. Being 50% bigger than normal mobile phone antennas, you’ll be able to make a phone call even in the elevator or a mountain. Also, the phone is IP54 dust-resistant and water-resistant. That means you can use the phone in rainy days and it can keep out dust, sand and dirt. The device comes with an impressive 4.000mAh battery and it can be used as a powerbank too. It’s presale starts on Friday, and the price is $45.99.


    Vkworld Stone V3 Max

    vkworld stone v3 max

    On the same day, the Stone V3 Max is being released too. Max probably stands for maximum impact protection as it is the world’s first phone that features the same rubber material that is used in Michelin tires. The rubber exterior can protect the inside parts of the phone, reduce impact and avoid cracks. This one has an even bigger battery, at 5.300mAh. Of course it can be used as a powerbank and it has IP68 certification. Its presale price is $52.99.

    If you prefer something even more affordable than these two, the V3 is still available for just $19.99.


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