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    Nowadays Smartphones went through the the baptism of the war on hardware, and then succeeded in marching in the 1080p HD screen times.At the beginning of this year, numerous Chinese smartphone manufacturer launched their 1080p screen quad core smartphone in succession. And UMI smartphone is one of them. After the launch of its dual core UMI X1 smartphone , UMI rapidly complied with the market demand and stepped in the 1080p times. UMI X2 is a typical product in 1080p screen quad core smartphone.

    UMI X2 Smartphone

    When users see UMI X2 smartphone at first sight, they will feel a aesthetic sense which is from the nature. The whole body of the smartphone is rounded and has smooth and fluent curves. The Ergonomic design fits the palm comfortably and gives the operator more comfortable operation.


    Lightness and thinness of UMI X2 ‘s design catches many users’s eyes. In the aspect of exterior, many smartphone manufacturer also pursue the super-thinness of the body. But in fact the biggest problem is that how to give the users more comfortable sense of operation on the basis of the super thin body. UMI X2 has 8.9mm super thin body. Moreover, it also adapts mer and glossier materials so that the whole body of the phone becomes more beautiful and fluent.


    Besides the excellent exterior design, the true secret weapon of UMI X2 is its 5.0 Inch HD IPS Retina Screen whose display resolution is up to 1920×1080px and pixel density is 441. The display size is suitable. After all, when seeking the best experience in vision and entertainment, the portability of the product and experience in one hand operation also can’t be ignored.


    Then in the aspect of the visual experience, UMI X2 is also outstanding. Because of the IPS Retina Screen which adapts the golden ratio of 16:9, the visual effect is very excellent. The color is very bright and the color saturation is also high. It also has the superiority in definition. This will be very attractive to the funs of hardwares.


    After its launch, UMI X2 quickly became one of the best sellers of Android smartphone. For example, in Mentoo Mall, the online shopping website, it already became one of the top brand in best sellers as the cheap android smartphone, together with Jiayu, Xiaomi, Meizu and ZOPO.

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    what about the CPU, ROM and Camera?


    misspan wrote:
    what about the CPU, ROM and Camera?

    Android 4.2.1 OS, MTK6589 quad core, 1.2GHz CPU

    dual camera, front camera is 2.0MP, back camera is 13.0MP

    1GB RAM 2GB ROM (or 2GB RAM 32GB ROM)

    5.0 Inch large screen, 1080px display resolution

    2500mAh battery

    Dual Card Dual Standby

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