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    I really want to get an Android device to go along with my iPhone, as I plan to be developing on my both in the future. There are so many tablets out there, as well as phones I don’t even know where to start. I’m kind of interested in a tablet since I already have a phone. What do you guys think from experience? Should I get an Android tablet, or Android phone?



    Well, if you’re really torn between two Android devices, I suggest that you go with a phablet. Or tabphone. Whatever you want to call it. Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2 is the best phablet in the market today. It fits on your pocket and is as powerful as any other high end tablet out there. It may have a smaller screen than a tablet but it’s much easier to bring it out and use it at any given time. I have one and I can’t think of any device that comes close to it.



    Android tablet for sure.
    They seem to be a lot less expensive than the phone (*)_(*)


    I prefer the phone because I am always on the go.



    I would go for a phone, they both do the same thing one is just bigger!



    Get a phone, it will be pocket sized and more convenient.



    Get a tablet, you will have more options and a bigger screen. If you need to make calls just use a regular phone :P



    An Android tablet is nice since you have an IPhone, right? I personally think Apple’s IPad is way too expensive. I have heard the IPad 2 still costs about $399, which is unreasonable because that’s a second generation IPad. I have the Samsung Note 8.0 tablet, which is the best tablet I’ve used so far. The Samsung Note 8.0 offers a fast processor and has better customization. The Multi-Window feature is a plus for those who like to run two applications simultaneously on the screen.

    Memento_Mori wrote:
    Get a tablet, you will have more options and a bigger screen. If you need to make calls just use a regular phone :P

    I agree! I have a tablet in which I do a lot of things on it. I have a regular phone in which I just make phone calls.



    in my opinion,Phone is far more convenient to carry and use.



    i choose tablet


    Sam Bruces

    If you like larger size , you can choose a tablet larger than 7inch, if you like a middle size, you can choose a 5 inch or 5.5 inch phone, like huawei honor 3c, i have got it, very cool!



    I would rather buy a smartphone it’s similar to a tablet and to a phone so you have two in one.



    well, you said that you have an Iphone. so if were you, i would get a tablet. The bigger screen is a huge plus, and android is a very handy operation system, so just go with a tablet.



    I would say go for the tablet since you already have a phone but if you can’t make up your mind then just get a combination of both in the form of a phablet. They are around the same price range as the tablets but you have the added luxury of a phone. Just get one with the Android OS version that you plan to work on.



    I would just go with a smartphone with a larger screen, 5 inches maybe. Otherwise, a phablet with a 6 or 7 inch screen. I find the standard 9-10 inch tablet size to still be too small for doing anything truly productive, so I opt for portability and a smaller screen.

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