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    How to speed up Android performance by disabling animations

    The Android OS is already quite fast, but sometimes the extra new features that come with each update can slow things down on older models. Did you know you can actually disable some animations on your Android device? This will help speed things up, and is especially handy for those running the latest Android OS on an older device. Follow the steps below:

    First things first, enable developer options if they are not already enabled. To do so, head on over to the Settings menu, then choose ‘About Phone’. You then need to tap on ‘Build Number’ multiple times, and this should enable developer mode. Some phones may also have an actual developer mode setting, so use this if your phone has one.

    Once developer options have been enabled, you will need to go back into settings and choose ‘Developer Options’.

    Then, we can adjust three animation settings in this menu. These include Window Animation Scale, Transition Animation Scale and Animator Duration Scale.


    You can turn all of these off, or you can lower the scale for each. Lowering or turning off the scale is likely to increase Android performance overall. Turning them off is the best option for maximising performance, especially if you won’t miss these subtle animations.

    To turn each of them off, tap on each animation option and tap ‘animation is off’.

    It is important to leave developer options turned on, as when you turn developer options off, your animations will be set back to default and you will not see any improvements in the OS speed.

    It is also important to note that changing these settings can cause some minor issues with newer Android apps. If you do find any weird occurrences happening after making these changes, first try out moving up the scales. For example, move from ‘animations are off’ to ‘animation scale .05x’. This may eliminate some issues. If this doesn’t work, you could just turn animations back on.

    It has been reported that Hangouts is one of the apps affected by these changes. If you only turn off Window and Transition animation scales, the hangouts app should still work correctly. Just make sure to leave the animator duration scale to a minimum of .5x.

    Other ways to improve Android performance include:
    removing old applications
    removing unused files
    reformatting your SD card
    over clocking on rooted Android devices.



    Nice post. I usually like to delete unwant data or clean junk files from my mobile phone to speed up Android performance. As we know, with more space freed up on your Android device, the faster your Android phone will run. And its performance will surely be optimized.



    thanks for sharing this, nice post

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