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    Now mobile phone screen is more and more big, the function is becoming more and more powerful, the tablet is no advantage.So tablet pc will be replaced by mobile phones in the future.If so how long?



    Well, let’s look at why tablets have replaced PCs for many users.

    We can note factors such as reading comfort, mobile multimedia and taking notes without having to go to the desktop are superior, and we can not rule out the much more variety in design.

    Between a PC and a tablet, the winner for the normal user is a tablet: it brings more obvious benefits.

    Now, is the same true in the mobile phone vs tablet case?

    The truth is that the functions of a mobile phone and a tablet are quite similar, discounting calls. Both provide mobility and basically the same applications. Anyone using Android for tablets automatically knows how to use the phone version, and vice versa. Not a drastic change.

    In this case the determining factor to choose is personal preference. Surely mobiles provide just what a large segment of the mobile market need, but there will always be those who require the extra size and performance a tablet brings, so I don’t think tablets will be replaced completely.

    I guess the best option for in-betweeners are phablets.



    I personally think tablets are very practical when you’re home or at your workplace, but I still don’t see myself carrying around a tablet, so for me, tablets will not be able to replace phones yet.



    An Android phone can do basically everything the tablet does and more. The only advantage of a tablet is the larger screen. If you don’t really play games or watch videos on portable devices then there is no need for you to get a tablet. The phone can’t replace the tablet because it was invented before the concept of a tablet.



    Actually, in my own honest opinion, I don”t really think that tablets will ever replace PCs. The reason is that even tablets are annoying sometimes, even if it is fast. I usually work on my laptop when I go somewhere, but I sometimes get fed up of it and go to my desktop which has like a 30 inch screen, which I think no tablet will ever get haha.



    No. I don’t think that tablets will replace PCs, because tablets are just phones with bigger screens, i know that for sure cause who’d carry a tablet around, phones are much smaller and easier to carry around. Tablets are good for work at home or in a office, but for social life a phone is much better.
    Who know but maybe someday that will actually happen.



    I don’t really think it has what it takes to replace it yet but who knows, technology is always improving things and I believe that in a not distant future it’ll be able to replace it. I think the phones are more practical though.



    I think I can agree with this sentence and resonate with it. I don’t really find any place for the tablet in my life. It’s really limited and it doesn’t function as well as you expected. It’s pretty much a bigger version of your phone. And right now a lot of phones are pretty big. You can get a 6 inch form which is essentially the size of the tablet. So for me as the future develops I think tablets will no longer be necessary. And a lot of phones on developing a lot more software and apps which are making them a lot more useful as compared to tablets could be.



    Well there’s a reason why the tablet is developed in the first place. It is to provide a much bigger screen real state to work on. Now, as far as phones go, I don’t think it will reach a point where people will do their works on them and you can’t really expect to carry around a mobile phone the size of a tablet. Again, all of these depends on the consumers, some people like tablets some people don’t.



    These days considering the power of the mobile phone, it is more than possible for phones to overpower and replace the tablet but not entirely.

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