Electronic cigarettes are classified as medicine, is good or bad?

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    On October 8th, the European parliament on whether electronic cigarettes as druginstructions to reconsideration???The move caused a public outcry in Europe.

    A day after???Electronic cigarette users independent association Brice Lepoutre very angry, he says, at the moment when the dawn of the anti-tobacco revolution, he will be on the eve of voting, and held the same idea of demonstrations in history, with the men.

    It is understood that the European and American area of electronic cigarette consumers have multiplied in recent years, the opposite cigarette consumers are greatly reduced.

    In September, at the plenary meeting of the European parliament will related to electronic cigarettes into drug proposal is put forward again. The European commission in the modification proposal, when the eu tobacco products directive because the electronic cigarettes and nicotine gum, plaster help smokers break the habit, so should be classified as a drug, and to be approved for pharmaceutical products of the electronic cigarette nicotine content restrictions.

    The proposal, immediately caused panic in the electronic cigarette industry. Because once the commission requirements of electronic cigarette nicotine content restrictions proposal, the European parliament approved electronic cigarettes to start a long and expensive clinical trials are identified. This will no doubt make electronic cigarette manufacturer and distributor of bankruptcy.

    One person involved in the electronic smoke proposal discussion of European lawmakers said, send a too rapid electronic cigarette products in Europe and the world more and more multinational tobacco companies involved in electronic cigarette industry, in order to gain more benefits. The future development, the electronic cigarette will inevitably face tougher government regulation. At present, only Belgium has first use of electronic cigarettes andadvertising restrictions, but in most eu countries, the electronic cigarette is still clear.

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    for me i think this is good compare to smoke a regular cigar



    me i would prefer e cigar for alternative smoking because its safe and in this way you can quit normal smoking.

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