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cheapest Galaxy S5 Clone–No.1 s7 vs Goophone S5-MTK6582 Quad Core 5.1 hd phone

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    During cellphone industry, Samsung always takes up the large android market share among mobile devices, which can be matched with Apple, due to Samsung sucessful road to product the ideal phones for its users, especially the announcement of Samsung Galaxy S5, Chinese manufacturers also want to get some market share from Samsung, so the clones of Galaxy S5 has arrived, although they can’t produce the same functions like Galaxy S5, at least they are capable of copying the design.

    Our store 1949deal has two Galaxy S5 Clone, first one is [size=medium]No.1 s7[/size], it sports 5.1 inch HD 1280 * 720 pixel IPS Screen, installed RAM 1GB ROM 16GB, equipped with 13.0MP Rear Camera and 2.0MP Front Camera, and it also has outstanding features that it support Gesture Sensing, IR Remote Control, Heart rate sensor, Smart Stay. This smartphone can be regarded as the best S5 clone, although its octa core version has not come out. Just get it at $145.99 from us now!
    Watch its full hands on test video:

    The second clone of S5 is [size=medium]Goophone S5[/size], as we know, Goophone has created various copies of Samsung, Apple smartphones, Now Goophone S5 is also very similar to Galaxy S5 Clone. This smartphone has not as high performance as No.1 S7, because the storage is a little small with RAM 512MB, and rom 4gb, but the price is cheaper relatively at $109.99. And the other feature is kind of disappointing that it has 5.1inch QHD Screen, not so more highly clear than No.1 S7. But it sells at such cheap price to be enough to compare its specs.

    In all, Galaxy S5 has so many copies, we need to find the ideal one to meet our needs to have a similar Galaxy S5, although it’s not real. We believe we will attach great importance to its high performance , not only the brand instead! Opt one to be your smartphone on [size=medium]1949deal [/size] now!

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