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    There’s a lot of cheap tablets out. It’s like every company who has nothing with tablets, just go and make one. That’s a huge problem because cheap tablets are terrible.
    A lot of them don’t support Google Playstore, and there’s no SIM slot. They have slow performance too. My advice to everyone is to never buy an cheap tablets.



    You can use them as a monitor, but it is recommended to not do so, because you WILL encounter problems and potentially ruin your PC. Trust me, I’ve done it before and I have my remorses.


    Chinese brand tablets are developing rapidly these years, so you should choose one of them.



    I got a PIPO Ultra-7 for my cousin last year from China – It only cost me $180 but works like a charm till now. Since I quite trust China Android tablet. It seems that they have been widely accepted as cheap and long-lasting already, haven’t they?



    I suggest you to buy some tablet with more good quality,it seems the cheap chinese android tablets not so good!

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)

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