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ZOPO push custom machine will be released on July 8

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    Since the introduction of the first equipped with MT6575 Smartphone ZP200 after, ZOPO phone into the quad-core era is for the introduction of several new products, launched in cooperation with Ali cloud ZOPO C2 in numerous Ali stole the show in the new machine, recently also listed a female models smart phones-ZOPO C3, the main female market products are high with products.

    ZOPO C3 has recently opened at number 999 of the first sale, the price of 999 yuan buying Contains Adult doubt, due to the overall configuration and ZOPO C2 16G version of the gap is not obvious, so this phone may be officially on sale the same price around 1599 yuan, the machine’s memory specifications and thickness compared ZOPO ZP980 slightly inferior aspect. However ZOPO C3 also has its own characteristics, this phone not only has a variety of beautiful colors, will be made ??up joint Le Frog OS customized system, in addition to outside interface more attractive and adds many innovative design such as Surnames, Variety theme, etc., the system usability playability higher.

    From the current situation, ZOPO mobile phone and Jingdong cooperation has been imperative, with 5 inches 1080P screen, 1.5GHz quad-core CPU configuration ZOPO C3 contour whether behalf ZOPO phone “compete the mobile phone market”? The answer will also be officially announced on July 8, with the wait and see.


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