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ZOPO C2 second generation adoption giant screen with full HD

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    ZOPO mobile phone is an emerging brand in recent years, the performance of the more prominent one, thanks to their own design advantages, ZOPO new products to market fast. Early collaboration with Ali cloud ZOPO C2 online encouraging result, but also with Jingdong and Le Frog reached a strategic cooperation for female users build recently listed ZOPO c3 also acceptable to users, recently another new machine has been exposed out, reportedly ZOPO C2 preparing to launch the second generation, and may be ZOPO mobile’s first giant-screen smartphone.

    We can find the phone’s size is relatively large, with ZOPO C2 Platinum uses the same ultra-narrow frame design, but the overall style is more rounded, the larger arc around the corner of the screen than the upper and lower ends of the space looks coordinated look vaguely there are three buttons to the bottom of the touch key icon. According to reliable news shows, ZOPO C2 second generation will be a cross-border products, the screen size will exceed 6 inches or more, perhaps C2 second generation will be the first giant screen ZOPO products, and uses 1080P Full HD screen high possibility.

    From ZOPO partnership with MTK to analyze the new machine may still use MTK program, and both called ZOPO C2 second generation, with an estimated overall configuration will be stronger in the already listed ZOPO C2 and ZOPO ZP980, large screen + high-configuration, the phone may become ZOPO mobile phone this year’s flagship product. But now ZOPO authorities did not disclose a new message.

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