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Xiaomi smartwatch is ready to hit the market soon

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    Xiaomi Smartwatch

    According to the news, Xiaomi is now ready to released the new samartwatch, and those device is ready to hit the Chinese market soon. Previouosly, the founder and CEO of Xiaomi has been said : “temporarily not watch,” but you think about it, Xiaomi how it might miss it.

    We were informed that this legendary production of smart watches are expected to be in front of the world this year. If so, it may be China’s manufacturers will be the first truly mass production of smart watches players. At present, the world face has a Nutshell, inWatch and Tuman Pictet smart watches and many other manufacturers, there is no doubt that they are, without exception, in the “selling futures” state.

    Xiaomi may change this state: It’s been three years with hardware suppliers and contract manufacturers tough game and bargaining stage, due to the hassle of fitting and shipping issues seem to be more at ease. It is reported that this is not intended as Xiaomi phone first when it was launched by many users buy as “futures”, their expectations are: Once published, immediate shipment.

    Of course, you can watch as this Xaomi series combination of the latest digital consumer products sectors. In the current very limited information, the only thing we can learn is this: it will use after being modified and customized MIUI system, is a combination with Xiaomi phone extension type accessories. Do not ignore Xiaomi ability to integrate resources – like MIUI Xiaomi jointly launched with the Jinshan network disk, integration with Baidu launch online music, online video integration Sohu launched, as well as the launch of Sogou input method as Xiami, in addition to 360 other than trying to All Chinese Internet mainstream players cooperation. Xiaomi smartwatch will be launched with its built-in music, games, sports and health and even cloud storage and data synchronization analysis and other functions, to what extent will depend on the composition of these mainstream partner “ecosystem”.

    Lei Jun is the guy they are cheering for, the founder and CEO of Xiaomi. He’s unveiling a smartphone dubbed “the fastest cellphone so far”. The price tag? Only $300 USD. For the first time, Lei Jun also announced a 3D smart TV. That pushed the party mood to fever pitch.




    Sounds really good. I wonder when Chinese brands will start to become more known. It can be really good although I haven’t really had any experience with Android fork OS. Interestingly, I’m seeing Google starting to show pics of smartwatches too.

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