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Xiaomi Mi5 Ceramic Edition Production In Good Pace

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    Since the announcement of the Xiaomi Mi5, many buyers decided to wait for the Ceramic Edition to begin selling but production has had problems to the point that rumors said that it was going to be canceled as the ceramic production process was too difficult to meet demand.

    Mi5 Ceramic

    Luckily, this is not the case. Yesterday, on an investors platform, ceramic suppliers were asked if there is a problem with the quality of the material in general or does it affect only the Xiaomi Mi5 production.

    The official reply to this conversation was that ceramic production techniques and technology is constantly improving and that the volume production of Xiaomi Mi5 Ceramic Edition is going well and the device will be sold without problems.

    Ceramic Reply

    Tricyclic Group’s main business is the ceramic electronic components and basic materials production and sales and the Xiaomi Mi5’s ceramic back cover is being produced by them.

    It looks like the Ceramic Edition is a big challenge for production companies and hopefully, all goes well and the Ceramic Edition starts to sell soon. Tomorrow on 10.00am the Mi5 will be available for ordering once again, but only the Standard 1,999 Yuan edition.




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