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Will the Google | China relationship change overtime

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    what do you think will happen to google and china relationship in the near future. Do you think things will get worse, since there are allot of developers are forking android.



    The bad relationship Google has with china is over searchengine censorship. That won’t influence the Android market much though, since Google is getting a lot of exposure due to the Chinese devices.



    It definitely won’t change the android market, period.



    I don’t think anything is going to improve for the better anytime soon, sad to say.

    It’s very annoying all round. It makes buying Android devices a bit trickier. Now I always ensure I get the non-Chinese version when I do, after buying the Chinese version of my Asus Transformer and discovering it lacked the Google Play store. I eventually hacked the device, but it was a real pain.

    Recently I bought a Samsung Note II (Really good device) for both myself and the wife. However, she wanted the dual sim one, and the only version available was the Chinese one. As she was Chinese, and I could work around the limitations of the lack of Google Play store, we bought it. Mine is the European version.

    After playing we discovered mine had several features that the Chinese version doesn’t! (For example voice entry – when taking a picture with my camera I can say ‘shoot’ and it takes a picture, no such feature on hers).

    It just adds that little extra frustration.



    I personally think that it won’t change the android market at all.



    The Android market will remain affect even if Google and China have some kind of conflict. The search engine issue is completely unrelated, and to be honest they are both kinda making profit from each other.



    I don’t think there’ll be any change. As for the problems with China phones, I know it can be frustrating but some companies are taking these phones, rebranding them and as far as I know, have also included what one expects from a regular Android smartphone. Mine has Google Play and it’s working fine. The only downside to it is it’s probably not as tough as the more popular phones but I think they’re also working on it.



    The bad relationship won’t last for ever, china phones are not as tough as other phones. Maybe cause of the bad relationship, but Google things are fine on every phone, tablet.



    As long as google is not profiting from the Chinese market then there will always be conflict. Google just want these companies to pay them royalties for their product and is therefore using legal means to prevent unauthorized use of Android.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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