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Wild Man special using rugged phone–Runbo X5

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    Runbo X5 can be said is the first truly professional three anti-mobile phone, to achieve a 360 ° Hassle-three anti,
    and the use of Corning Glass plus cushion rubber body,
    with IPX5 dustproof capabilities, IPX5/IPX8 waterproof and anti-impact ability.
    This is a positioning professional three defense,
    military quality smart phones, but also by the U.S. military intelligence machine Mill standards.

    RUNBO X5 equipped with a 4.3-inch touch screen with a resolution of 800×480 pixels,
    the screen surface using Corning glass, scratch resistant, but also around the screen using a rubber design,
    to the maximum extent possible to protect the screen.

    As RUNBO Professional Edition Rugged Phones,
    RUNBO X5 in detail design is very distinctive.
    On the one hand there are outdoor sports because the phone features of the performance of three anti-can play a very good protective effect,
    some of the buttons on the other hand is also a somewhat elegant design,
    with features such as shortcut keys.

    Because it is the professional version of the three anti-mobile phone,
    RUNBO X5 both the data interface or headphone jack comes with waterproof cushion,
    but also rain fade stickers. The back cover of the phone also has a waterproof apron and lock to prevent the tragedy from happening. Top of the battery, Runbo x5 also designed a snap, so there is more than a layer of protection when the back cover is closed when the buckle is fastened batteries, power outage situation becomes more remote. Even more amazing is that the phone also has five batteries of electric shock,
    it should be brought for the phone from the battery temperature monitoring capabilities to provide information.

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