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Unboxing the new Xiaomi 2S Android smartphone

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    As we all know, Xiaomi has been unveiled their new Android smarstphone, the Xiaomi Mi 2S yesterday, and now we have a couple picture of unboxing the Xiaomi Mi 2S.

    The Xiaomi 2S is the upgrade version from the previous Xiaomi phone, the 2S is packed with 4.3 inch screen size 720p screen and powered by Qualcomm APQ8064 Snapdragon 600 quad-core processor and the memory is increase to 32GB of storage and 13 megapixel camera.

    The new Xiaomi 2S is also running Android operating system with new MIUI V5 interface. You can buy the new Xiaomi 2S Android phone through and get the best price for you.

    Here are the unboxing picture of Xiaomi Mi 2S smartphone:

    xiaomi-01.jpg xiaomi-02.jpg xiaomi-03.jpg xiaomi-04.jpg xiaomi-05.jpg xiaomi-06.jpg xiaomi-07.jpg xiaomi-08.jpg xiaomi-09.jpg xiaomi-10.jpg xiaomi-14.jpg xiaomi-15.jpg xiaomi-16.jpg xiaomi-17.jpg xiaomi-18.jpg xiaomi-19.jpg

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