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The TG-T3 Electric Unicycle Is Now Available on

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    It looks like the new trend in personal transportation is the electric unicycle and companies like TG have come out with their own battery-powered unicycles to keep up with the trend. In line with that, the TG-T3 Electric Unicycle is now available on for only $299.99 and USA-based customers can get it at $15 off with a coupon.

    tg-t3-electric-unicycle-01The TG-T3 is powered by a 350W electric motor that can reach a maximum speed of 18km/h and is strong enough to drive up inclines up to an angle of 30-degrees. The TG-T3 is equipped with a 132Wh Samsung lithium battery which has enough capacity to power the unicycle for around 11-12km and only takes 45 minutes to charge up to 80% capacity.

    The TG-T3 is equipped with a number of safety features which will automatically slow down and sometimes also shut down the unicycle when the wheel is tilted over 45-degrees, when the speed goes over 12km/h, and when the battery goes lower than 10% capacity. The TG-T3 is also equipped with a self-balancing gyroscope which automatically corrects the cycle’s angle making it easier for any person to ride it.

    The TG-T3 is extremely portable with its built-in handle which makes it easy to carry the unicycles 10k weight. The whole unicycle measures only 45 x 39.5 x 7cm (16cm when the foot pedals are extended) with a tire diameter of 36cm.

    As previously mentioned, the TG-T3 Electric Unicycle is now only $299.99 from where USA-based customers can also get it at $15 off using the coupon code – US1967.

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