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The Dungeons of Castle Madness

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    The Dungeons of Castle Madness
    The Dungeons of Castle Madness is an old school style fantasy roleplaying game that combines first person dungeon crawling with fast paced combats from a top down perspective. This creates a brand new playable experience in the RPG genre. Go up against the Baron and his Castle Madness to save a village in dire need – if you can. Levels grow to become labyrinthian, battles get bigger and more exciting. All the while the tension builds for what might be around the next corner…

    Featuring grid-based movement for exploration and old school level design which rewards those who want to find every secret hidden within the game, the Dungeons of Castle Madness provides a challenge for everyone. On ‘hardcore’ difficulty the automap is disabled altogether, forcing you to map out the levels on graph paper like in the old days – and the monsters are tougher. A unique system powers the game with a more realistic inventory than typically found in most RPG’s (you won’t be carrying everything and the kitchen sink around with you) and your armour can be damaged and even destroyed in battle. With 18 levels (*update – now 19!) to fight your way through – 2 of which are different on every play through – you’ll be tested to the limit.
    Key points
    • Innovative genre mashup of first person dungeon crawling & top down action RPG.
    • Help support true Indie gaming – made by a single developer!
    • 18* levels – 2 of which are different on every play through, the rest are hand designed.
    • Grid-based movement.
    • Levels are loaded with secrets
    • Dozens of spells – even shapeshift into a werewolf!
    • Realistic inventory size.
    • Craft new weapons & armour, repair & upgrade damaged & wrecked items
    • Traps for the unwary…
    • Unique artifacts to assemble.
    • *Bonusses added since release, all for FREE: Ancient Maps that show entire levels at once, Bear Claw melee strike spell, Forcemail spell which conjures armour, maps persisting when returning to a previously explored level and last but not least… an entire extra level, taking the total to 19, beneath the town well!
    Link to Download: http://store.steampowered.com/app/506840/

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