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The Cheapest Way To Buy Elephone P5000

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    Gizmochina comes to you again with a superb opportunity. As usual we come to you with exciting new. You get an exclusive chance to preorder the Elephone P5000 right now.  Our friends at Gearbest once again provide an amazing opportunity for tech enthusiasts. They offer the best price on the new Elephone P5000.


    The Elephone P5000 is a sleek phone and it is even more wonderful for its amazing battery capacity, which reaches 5350mAh. This is a highly unique specification available with very few smart phones. This is a breakthrough for the Elephone P5000. It has a dual sim car slot, a 5.0 inch display screen which perfectly matches it’s bulk and resolution. It comes with a 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM. It operates on an Android 4.4 OS and has additional gravity sensing capabilities. It has the strongest global navigation for a smart phone, no other smart phone in the market has a better navigation system. It can be ordered in both black and white colors.


    The smart phone, which has not being released yet is available for preorder at Gearbest.com, they offer it at a nice price of $239.99. The Elephone P5000 is sold at a price of $300 in other stores but Gearbest always pull through with the best discounted prices, no other stores offer an exclusive 50% discount on such amazing product. This is the cheapest way to buy the Elephone P5000.

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    Additionally, you can buy the Elephone P5000 at an even more discounted price. Gizmochina again is working with the Gearbest team to offer products at a much cheaper price than they would normally buy at other online and location based stores. With Gizmochina exclusive coupon discount, you can save up to $10 on the Gearbest offered discount.


    What are you waiting for? Hurry and grab this discount while it lasts. This offer is limited and only lasts until February 2. Your Gizmochina exclusive coupon code is right below. Order Now!


    Coupon Code: EP5CN

    Buy Elephone P5000 For Just $229.99


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