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Teclast X80HD Dual-boot Tablet Review: Dual OS for $100 in Your Pocket

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    Teclast is one of the Chinese manufacturers, which makes cheap tablets and accessories. This time around we are looking at a very cheap tablet, which costs just over $100. In addition, it has a dual-boot feature meaning that you can either use it as an Android or Windows tablet. It sounds pretty cool on paper but how does it fair in reality? Let’s find out.

    We wanted to thank for sending Teclast X80HD tablet for a review.

    Teclast X80HD Dual-boot Tablet Review: SPECS

    Display 8″ 800×1280
    Processor Intel 64Bit  CPU Z3735F quad core 64bit, 1.83GHz
    RAM 2GB
    Camera 0.3MP Front/2MP Back
    Connectivity Bluetooth, WIFI
    Battery 4.500 mAh (non-removable)
    Dimensions 208.6 x 122.4 x 8.9mm / 328g
    OS Android 4.4 Kitkat
    Storage 16GB (expandable via microSD card slot up to 64GB)

    Teclast X80HD Dual-boot Tablet Review: UNBOXING


    The multimedia experience on this tablet is great overall. Everything is running smoothly both on Android and Windows. However, the loudspeaker could be better. Firstly, it is placed on the back side, which is a very bad idea on a tablet. Secondly, it could be much louder as sometimes you just want to keep pressing the volume up button to hear the audio.

    Teclast X80HD Dual-boot Tablet Review: BATTERY LIFE


    The Teclast X80HD tablet has a 4500mAh non-removable battery, which has an average life. As the Geekbench 3 test suggests, the screen-on time can be over 5 hours (tested on max. brightness, dim screen off). However, doing some more intensive tasks will drain the battery faster.

    The battery life on Windows is about the same but again, it can be much worse if you do a lot of intensive tasks.

    Overall, the 4500mAh does a fair job for the 8″ screen tablet but I would love to have a bit more time off the charger.

    Teclast X80HD Dual-boot Tablet Review: CONNECTIVITY


    The tablet does not have calling feature as it does not have a SIM card slot since it is a Wifi only device. Speaking of Wifi, the range is not the best but quite good. It usually gets 1 bar less than my iPad but it is the same like my vivo Xshot.

    As far as the Bluetooth connectivity, it works fine.

    Keep in mind that the device does not have a GPS receiver, which is a very odd thing.

    Teclast X80HD Dual-boot Tablet Review: CONCLUSIONS


    So there you have it, a Teclast X80HD dual-boot tablet. For a $100 you are getting a plastic made device, which does not feel premium but it does not feel very cheap either as the build quality is good.

    In addition to this, you are getting two operating systems in a very compact package. Unfortunately, you cannot simply hot-swap these systems as you have to restart a device first to choose one.


    Moreover, both OSs work fine on a daily basis but the hardware is not designed to drive the most graphically intensive tasks like gaming as the device tends to heat up and the graphics simply look poorly.

    I would say this is a great little tablet for the money but I was disappointed by the screen quality. Well, it is not the worst but it simply has to be better on a device, which has a huge display.


    On the other hand, you are getting some other great features like MicroSD card slot, which can be easily swapped as it is embedded on the right side of the device. Also, you can easily hold the tablet in one hand as it has tiny bezels on the sides. Finally, it is a versatile option for those, who want both operating systems for a very cheap price in a compact price.

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    We wanted to thank for sending this tablet for a review.


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