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THL W200S vs Huawei Honor 3c Hands on and game test review

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    Sam Bruces

    These days I got most hit phones in March, 2014 from Chinese seller, two phones, one is THL W200S and the other is Huawei Honor 3C, when i saw this two phone at the first sight, I like Huawei Honor 3c more in my opinion , from the front body, they are both 5inch screen size, although thl w200s seems a little larger than huawei honor 3c, from the back body, huawei honor 3c uses aviation magnesium alloy frame material lighter than steel frame, while thl w200s still utilize the plastic material, it seems Huawei Honor 3c more compact with superior quality.

    When i turn on both two phones by pressing the power button on the right of phone, the screen color of Huawei Honor 3c is more vivid and clear than that of thl w200s, although both of them have HD 1280*720p screen resolution and 16000K Screen Color especially when i view the pictures and videos by this two phones. Maybe there is big difference because Huawei Honor 3c uses LTPS screen type by OGS Technology, while THL W200S chooses Corning III gorilla glass.

    It is a little disappointing that Back button of Huawei Honor 3C is set on the left, oppisite to that of THL W200s which is set on the right, because i am used to using the back key on the right.

    I still wonder which one will be more powerful, and then i download a game named Temple Run to test the performance, as for the speed, i prefer THL W200s, after all it uses mtk6592 octa core 1.7GHZ, and this time Huawei Honor 3c doesn’t use its own CPU Hisilicon, but use MTK6582 Quad core 1.3GHz, the speed of Octa core CPU is so amazing. while every coin has two sides, it would be better if THL W200s has 2GB RAM. Certainly, 32GB ROM of THL W200s is fair enough for me, i can download and store any file i want, which Huawei Honor 3C just owns 8G ROM can’t meet my needs to store enough videos i want.

    I am a user who like more taking pictures by phone. I believe you also always use phone to take photos rather than camera in our daily life, except you are a photographier who pays more attention to the quality of pictures.
    When i click to take photos by THL W200s, the picture of back camera shows some spots and makes the picture a little unclear compare with Huawei Honor 3C, which seems more vivid and clear. Maybe it’s because of different screen type which causes different picture quality although Huawei Honor 3c has dual camera with 5MP and 8MP which is much lower than thl w200s with 5MP front and 13 back camera.

    Another amazing news is that Huawei Honor 3C has 2300mAh, i played games for 4 hours, the battery power still has more than half power. it’s very good to play games for such a long time, while thl w200s can’t be so powerful to play games, when i played 4 hours, the power is less than half because of 2000mAh Li-ion battery.

    About function , both of them supports dual sim card, dual standby, it’s wonderful for me to use one 2G network Card, the other 3G WCDMA Card, or two GSM card, or two 3G Network card, i can enjoy 3G Network freely although we have got into 4G network digital life. What’s more, GPS and bluetooth are very useful for me, when i go for a travel. As you know, i am not very good at finding the way that i never go. So GPS is my best guide to direct the right way for me.
    And Google Play store App brings more joy for me to download useful software i like. I really can’t use a word to describe the two phones.

    In conclusion, after i use this two phone and compare, i still prefer Huawei Honor 3c , which supports long standby time and more vivid screen color. But if you like octa core phone, you can try this thl w200s, really great in the fast speed.



    wow, i have got many news about huawei honor 3c and thl w200s, but personally quad core is slower than octa core, which means thl w200s is more powerful than huawei 3c, right?

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